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          ABC Vacuums in Tulsa &
          Broken Arrow Oklahoma
          Family Owned And Operated

We are a small family owned business located in Tulsa Oklahoma. Our family has been in the vacuum trade since, well years aren't that important but needless to say I'm the third Generation and I'm 37. This is all I have ever done and when you come in to our store you will talk to someone who has a vested interest in the store or more importantly in you the customer. We know that if we treat you honestly and provide better service than you can receive anywhere else, you will not only come back, but you will tell others. See if you can get the CEO of a big box store to come help you pick out a sweeper, or for that matter find anyone at Sears who has ever changed a belt in their career as a vacuum salesman. All of our employees work on vacuums; I can't tell you how vital that is in being able to help customers make a wise purchase. If the salesmen doesn't know the actual performance of the vacuum he's trying to sell, you may as well close your eyes and point you'll probably end up better.

We will give you our honest opinion every time, even if you don't buy a thing. "An honest man doesn't mind being questioned, a dishonest one always does"

A lot of vacuum dealers want to try and lead you down a path to a vacuum that only they carry or that they make the highest profit on. We take a little different approach if you come in and say you want to spend $150 on a vacuum we will help you get the best $150 vacuum we can, not the one we make the most profit on.

Where we excel most is in our service, if you have a repair issue with a vacuum you purchased from us we usually fix it while you wait at no charge. Try that at wal-mart, lowes, or best buy! Most of those places have low prices, but you can forget it when you have a problem.

We offer extended warranties with almost every vacuum we sell at no extra charge. Plus we offer free lifetime belt installs for every vacuum we sell.

We love what we do and we believe it shows, give us a call or come by, we love to make new friends and if you buy something thats great too.

Please check out the buying guide for some honest information.

Feel free to drop an Email with any questions.

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